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I understand that water is channeled to the front of the truck, where water is expelled through 2 drain h oses. Does water run towards the back of the truck and get into the bed?

Absolutely not! Water runs along the inner track which acts as a “rain gutter” as well. This track is open ended at the back. This means that if the truck is parked up hill, water is collected in the inner track and drains right at the back edge of the tailgate and runs out of the back of the truck, ... Read More »

How many drain hoses are there with this cover?

There are 2 drain hoses (one on each side at the front of each mounting rail) to ensure the expedient and efficient expulsion of any water collected in the “extruded gutter” of the mounting rails! It is very rare that any water ever gets to the channel in the mounting rail, much less into the tube at the front of ... Read More »