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You say the cover is “Weather Proof”..What does this mean?

The cover has been designed to ensure no water can penetrate the panels and hinges. The cover also seals nicely at the front end and the tailgate of the truck so no water can enter there, and water simply rolls off the front and rear of the cover with ease. The BAKFlip cover is “level with the bed” so should water ever gather on the cover and be pushed to the any of the edges of the cover, water will simply roll off the cover! Should water try to enter the bed from the sides, it has quite a challenge to make it to the bed.

First it has work itself under the side rubber (EPDM) seal. Should any droplets gather there…it would have to work itself over the lip of the mounting rail. Should it ever get that far, it will be automatically caught by the extruded side rail which acts like a small gutter. Water collected in the “gutter” of the side rail is quickly expelled through the tubes at the front of the truck. In all of our tests…it is VERY rare that water will ever make beyond the lip of the side rail, and if it does, it is only a couple of drops. However, even if these “couple of drops” make it to that point, they have no chance of getting into the bed as this water is caught by a secondary “gutter” that ensures your bed will remain dry!

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