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I have a plastic bedliner in my truck. Do I have to make any modifications to the bedliner to install the cover?

That depends on what type of plastic bedliner you have (see below): IF YOUR PLASTIC BEDLINER GOES UNDER THE SIDE RAILS (but goes up and over the front rail and tailgate): NO PROBLEM! You will not need to make any adjustments to the plastic bedliner to install this cover. IF YOU HAVE A TAILGATE PROTECTOR: Tailgate protectors do not present any problem for this cover. Whether you have a factory installed or an aftermarket tailgate protector or if your tailgate liner comes over the top edge of your tailgate, none of these will present a problem when installing the cover.

IF YOUR PLASTIC BEDLINER GOES OVER THE SIDE RAILS: YOU MUST MODIFY YOUR BEDLINER to install this cover! Some retailers simply say “fits on all bedliners!” This is not the straight up truth.

This cover will fit if you carve 3 holes in each side to be able to clamp the rails to the bed. What we have found is that no matter how neat we do this, it always looks shabby. As a result, the best recommendation and the bottom line is that we strongly recommend that you trim the portion of the bedliner that comes over the side rails so that the side wall of the plastic bedliner goes up to and UNDER the rail, but not over the side rail. The reason for this is that over-the-rail bedliners prevent you from being able to clamp the hardware to the side rails as they cover them up. These side rails need to be trimmed off so that the RollBak Tonneau’s side mounting rails can be clamped to the inside lip of the side rail. If you are making this adjustment, this is a great opportunity for you to convert your over-the-rail plastic bedliner into an under-the-rail bedliner (where the liner only overlaps the front rail and the tailgate edge)! These over-the-side rail bedliners must be cut back so not to interfere with the truck’s original side rails.

To cut the liner’s rail covers off is a fairly simple and straightforward process that allows the secure installation of the mounting rails to your truck rails. To request that the customer trim these plastic side rail covers off of your one-piece liner is not a unique request. To ensure a weather resistant barrier with the installation of any tonneau cover, and to be able to clamp the mounting brackets onto the side rails, you must remove the part of the bedliner that covers the side rails. PLEASE DO NOT CUT OFF THE PORTION OF THE BEDLINER THAT COVERS THE FRONT RAIL OR TAILGATE.

PROCESS OF TRIMMING an Over the Rail Bedliner is as follows: To cut the liner, this is a fairly simple process that requires you to slide the one-piece liner out of the bed, then clamp a straight edge along the line where you wish to cut the cover (right at or just below the rail, not above it). From there, a jigsaw with a fine blade works great and you simply follow the straight edge with the saw. Any burs or rough edges can be smoothed out with a file or sandpaper. Others are successful using the same straight edge tactic from outside of the liner using a razor knife. They remove the liner from the truck, and from outside of the liner, they use a razor knife to cut the rail off. The most preferred method is to use a jigsaw.

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