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What is the BAKFlip made out of?

The BAKFlip G2 is now ALL METAL uses a textured aluminum surfaces for all flat panel surfaces above and below the cover. This incredibly durable panel has a single coat of epoxy primer that is baked on at 460 degrees. Once the primer has set, an extraordinarily tough and scratch-resistant polyester based coating is used as the final finishing coat (which gives the look of a tough, baked on enamel, but is much higher quality). This coating process ensures that the covers is both scratch and UV resistant. Each panel is cut precisely using “CNC” controls, which are computer guided controls that ensure that your cover, panels, and rails are cut precisely at the correct curvature and angle matching the structure and shape of your truck bed perfectly! This ensures a perfect and customized fit on every truck. The core between the two surface panels is an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core. This is the same material that is used as the cover of a surfboard

This means that the structural interior of the cover is lightweight, rigid and impervious to water! Should water ever find its way into the center of the panel (which would be really difficult), it will never deteriorate from the inside as it is unaffected by moisture, so it will never deteriorate or delaminate as a result! Each panel is then neatly framed in powder coated, aircraft quality aluminum for a lifetime of indestructible use! These panels will not crack, warp, fade, rust, or corrode and can handle up to 135 kilos of evenly distributed weight. 

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